About the Artist

Adam Abram, son of RM Abram, was born in 1976.  He expressed an early aptitude for drawing.  A high school instructor praised him as "the best art student I have seen in my twenty years of teaching."

In 1999, Adam began an apprenticeship under the classical realist master, Joseph Brickey.  He agrees with his mentor's statement: "Art should not only measure up in the museum; it should capture the common heart."  During his apprenticeship, Adam studied and painted reproductions of the 19th century realist painters William A. Bouguereau, Alma Tadama, Jean-Leon Gerome, and Albert Bierstadt, along with Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt.  He currently attends the Carl Bloch Academy of Utah.

Adam attributes his skills to hard work, long hours, a great teacher, and God.  He says of himself, "I'm a quality painter, not a quantity painter.  In a hundred years, I'd rather be known for one great masterpiece than not be known after having done one hundred common works of art."

Adam's work featured in My Son David:

Rendition of Jamison Gordon's Opposing Elements

Rendition of Jamison Gordon's Impending Storm

The Shield of David on the book's front cover

To see other originals or reproductions, visit Adam's Website: www.adamabram.com