The Davidic Heirloom

In 1492, Yehuda Halevi claimed a vision and a divine commission.  The Shield of David resulted, a coat of arms rich in symbolism.  Smuggled from Spain and bequeathed to subsequent generations until one rightful heir remains, the heirloom links past promises with future hopes.  Will legend and prophecy finally be fulfilled in My Son David


Read-Only Excerpts from My Son David

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Toledo, Spain  1492

Sanballat destroyed the parchment, then rested a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder.  "Should this truly come to pass, Yehuda, I will go with you."

Yehuda Halevi did not respond.  A worried frown creased his brow.

"So little time!  Ah, Sanballat, how can I accomplish it?

"Easily.  We shall leave before the expulsion order becomes effective." (More)

Palestine 1909

"Zadok, have you considered what this means? This design isn't just random artistry. Grape vines bearing huge clusters of grapes. Boughs bending from the weight of olives. And pomegranates. Surely those sculpted fruits represent the bounty of our land as foretold by the prophets!" She knelt next to him and caressed the engravings. "David lives and endures…" (More)

Palestine 1929

"What is that…weaponry?" Shoshanna asked with wide eyes.

"The Shield of David," Zadok answered vaguely. But his eyes burned with an intensity that belied his calm expression.

Nathan fidgeted uneasily.

"The heirloom, you know, was created in David's honor. Look, children, at these emblems. Peace and prosperity. Tokens of David's reign."

"Who is he talking about?" Shoshanna whispered to Nathan. "King David, his promised heir to come, or David our brother?" (More)

Berkeley, California -- April 1981

Janey gasped.

"Yeah, the gems are real. The gold, too," David responded. "I'd forgotten how the heirloom impacts people initially."

"It's the artistry, not the medium that's so impressive. And the king depicted in the shield's center is nothing less than magnificent." (More)

Berkeley, California -- December 1981

Afraid of further disclosure to a man who inspired them, Janey focused on the figure seemingly stepping forward from the shield.

"So," John asked, noting her interest, "what do you think of our family heirloom?"

"It dazzled me at first. Even now, I sense its power and mystery. It does seem a bit more reposed, here in your office."

John laughed. "Don't tell me that, like my mother, you fear the heirloom possesses some sort of consciousness capable of emotion or action?" (More)