Historical Resource Terms

A deeper understanding of the events and issues described in My Son David may be obtained by consulting a variety of sources about the following:

Aliyah                                                                           Islam

Arab Nationalism                                                         Israel

Ashkenazim                                                                  Israeli War of Independence

Baeck, Leo                                                                   Jabotinsky, Vladimir

Balfour Declaration                                                     Jewish Legion

Ben Gurion, David                                                       Judaism

Birkenau                                                                       Meir (Meyerson), Golda

Bouguereau, William Adolphe                                     Pale of Settlement

British Mandate                                                           Palestine

Catholic Church                                                            P-38 Lightning

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints              Spanish Inquisition

Dreyfus Affair                                                              Sephardim

Haskalah                                                                      Tel Aviv

Herzl, Theodore                                                           Theresienstadt

Holocaust                                                                      Zionism