j Gordon Renditions

Several works of art by Jamison Gordon are mentioned in My Son David.

These include:

Abundant Harvest : adaptation of Bouguereau's "Girl with Grapes" with Janey as model

Another Awakening : wooden sculpture based on Michelangelo's "Awakening Slave"

Another Star Rising : the shepherd David prior to his anointing; David Gordon as model

Chateau at Tahoe : the painting that inspired the construction of the Gordon chateau

Eastern Sunset : the painting that hangs in the Gordon chateau at Lake Tahoe

End of Day : the sunset painting displayed in the hospital gallery

Entrapment : painting of a trapped stallion given to Taj

Impending Storm : Janey models as the Virgin Mary; rendition by Adam Abram

Nefertiti : Jamison's portrayal of the Egyptian queen using his sister Monica as the model

Opposing Elements : the Lookout rock and the sea; rendition by Adam Abram

Visitation : the dark version of David's Lookout


Opposing Elements and Impending Storm

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