Information about My Son David

My Son David depicts the trials and triumphs of a father and son, a family and their heritage.  John Gordon, a San Francisco cardiologist, is the father and only survivor of an illustrious Jewish family.  He is also the steward of the Davidic shield, a priceless heirloom that, according to family legend, will ultimately be given to the final heir—Prince David of prophecy who will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.  But a condition of stewardship exists...

John acknowledged his heirloom's value and understood his inherent family responsibility of stewardship—his heir must be a Jew by lineage.  Yet, he broke the link to his past and compromised his future by marrying Susan Jamison, a Catholic girl.  After years of struggle to reconcile his choice, John hopes his brilliant son can restore what he threw away.

David Gordon is that favored son.  Talented and versatile, he aspires to achieve success in his own realm, away from his father's shadow.  His father's good opinion, however, is essential to him.  But instead of basking in the approval he seeks, David finds himself estranged from all he loves and on the verge of losing everything.

Contemporary characters also include John's other children, Jamison and Monica.  Jamison, Catholic like his mother, is a gifted artist with an impeccable standard of conduct.  His lofty ideals cannot coexist peaceably with what he perceives as the tainted Jewish half of his heritage.  His turbulent emotions collide even more when his brother marries the girl he loves.  John's lively daughter Monica, determined to duplicate an earlier connection in her family history between Arab and Jew, creates further complications by her pursuit of Taj ibn Muhammad, an enigmatic Palestinian searching for his own destiny.

The Gordons foster a close-knit family despite their differences.  A series of crises compound inherent cultural conflicts to test personal integrity and loyalty to each other.  Can these scattered children of Abraham unite to find peace?  Can this divided house of David restore broken links and regenerate the conduit of its long-awaited, promised heir?