Palestine 1909

"Zadok, have you considered what this means? This design isn't just random artistry. Grape vines bearing huge clusters of grapes. Boughs bending from the weight of olives. And pomegranates. Surely those sculpted fruits represent the bounty of our land as foretold by the prophets!" She knelt next to him and caressed the engravings. "David lives and endures…"

"More than that, Deborah. The verb in that script might also be translated as fulfills or confirms, meaning that through David, the promises of God to our people will be fulfilled."

"And you are a son of David." She touched his cheek. "You know that I love you despite your illustrious lineage?"

"Yes. I know."

"Shall we live to see the fulfillment of the heirloom's promise? Think of it, Zadok, the prince who is to come!"

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