Berkeley, California -- April 1981

Janey gasped.

"Yeah, the gems are real. The gold, too," David responded. "I'd forgotten how the heirloom impacts people initially."

"It's the artistry, not the medium that's so impressive. And the king depicted in the shield's center is nothing less than magnificent."

"He certainly is." David's eyes sparkled like the heirloom's solitary sapphire. "What do you think about those supporting cherubim?"

"They're a bit…frightening. They take their job as guardians very seriously. I wouldn't want to offend them." She tried to shake a dark foreboding, but it persisted. The Gordon family heirloom didn't belong here. It was too old, too valuable. And the aura emanating from it usurped the peaceful harmony of the other furnishings...

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