Welcome to the Dynasty Books Internet site.  Our goal is to publish fine literature highlighting the varied experiences of Abraham’s children. 
Jews, Christians, and Muslims revere and trace lineage back to Abraham, that great father of nations.  Dynasty Books is dedicated
to presenting perspectives from the different branches of
Abraham’s magnificent family tree.

Our Featured Book of the Year:
My Son David

About the Book

My Son David depicts the trials and triumphs of a father and son, a family and their heritage.  John Gordon, a San Francisco cardiologist, is the father and only survivor of an illustrious Jewish family.  He is also the steward of the Davidic shield, a priceless heirloom that, according to family legend, will ultimately be given to the final heir—Prince David of prophecy who will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.  But a condition of stewardship exists ... (More)

Reviews for My Son David

Aaron Eitan Meyer, Amazon Reviewer, New York (Nov 2005)

Compelling on every one of its many levels

It's far more difficult to write a review when the book is far above par. This was one of the best novels I have read in quite a while ... As the novel builds toward its climax, it gets harder and harder to tear away from.

Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin (April 2006)

A very powerful, entertaining, well-crafted read from cover to cover

Readers will be enthralled ... My Son David is highly recommended for community library fiction collections and personal reading lists.

Naomi Theye, Historical Novel Society (May 2006)

This book does an excellent job of promoting peace

It will appeal to readers who are interested in history, readers who are interested in the tenets of the Jewish, Muslim, and Mormon faiths, and readers who enjoy romance.

The Historical Characters

Heirs of the David shield experienced a variety of historical ideologies and incidents.  Some fled the Spanish Inquisition.  Others survived the Ottomans and the Nazis.  One assisted the establishment of the State of Israel ... (More)

The Shield of David

In 1492, Yehuda Halevi claimed a vision and a divine commission.  The Shield of David resulted, a coat of arms rich in symbolism.  Smuggled from Spain and bequeathed to subsequent generations until one rightful heir remains, the heirloom links past promises with future hopes.  Will legend and prophecy finally be fulfilled in My Son David? ... (More)

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